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Author Topic: GamezHost UO - Recruiting Staff, Coders (Updated)  (Read 8954 times)

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GamezHost UO - Recruiting Staff, Coders (Updated)
« on: March 28, 2013, 02:59:34 PM »
Server is setup and ready to work with. (http://gamezhost.com) I am currently staking my money and time into building a UO (Ultima Online) Shard. I have experience in programming, previous UO Shard builds, and server configuration. Currently I have been running RunUO for use with the server I purchased monthly to use (VPS). Development is/will be Immediate. It will need to be hand spawned in some areas that Nerun's Distro didn't have for the latest version. We run the latest release of RunUO at this time.
?We are in Misourri, Central, -6 GMT.
?I would like to expect my Staffers to work when they can, but be committed to the project.

What I will need from Server Coding Applicants:
1.Experience with RunUO Scripting,
2.Not Required but Helpful: Experience with VNC, RunUO Source (this is easy and fun to work with),
3.Previous Experience with some sort of Shard Back-end works,
4.MySQL a Must for future integration.

Staff Applicants will need to be:
1.Honest and Trustworthy with the admin team.
2.Helpful and caring to seasoned users and newcomers alike.
3.Willing to take the time and patience required to answer all calls for help and questions.
4.Familiarity with Ultima Online framework a Must.

 If you feel you can take a spot on our team and are willing to use your spare time to help with the development of this start-up project then please do not hesitate to take part in a growing community of what will surely be a larger shard with all of our hard work.

 All the applicant needs is just to contact me with their experience and Job Placement request at this time, at least until I can develop and staff application for use with this project.
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