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« on: August 23, 2013, 12:41:39 AM »
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  • - Removed created/edited dates from file headers to prevent future merge conflictions.
    - Removed all redundant references to named property 'recompile' for SuperGump.Refresh method.
    - Removed redundant GumpUtility class, useful code has been moved or reimplemented.
    - SuperGumps will now correctly distinguish buttons for GumpButtonTypes Reply and Page.
    - SuperGumps instance polling will not poll the gump instance by default, it will detect when to start and stop the timer, or it can be forced to start and stop.
    - SuperGump.InnerSize property renamed to SuperGump.OuterSize as it represents the maimum bounds of a gump and its' elements.
    - SuperGumps provided by SuperGumps.UI now have plain black backgrounds to increase readability.
    - Added support to SuperGumps for the new Gump.AddItemProperty method (RunUO 2.3 r1072), if RunUO doesn't support it, the SuperGump simply won't use it.
    - Added support to SuperGumps for Movement detection and overriding.
    - Changed HueSelector gump default icon to something more fitting.
    - Compensated for an issue that prevented the last columns and rows from being displayed in HueSelector gump.
    - MenuGump width detection is now based on the new UOFont feature.
    - Added NotifyGump, this animated gump roughly emulates features such as eNotify for websites, supports plain text, basic HTML and BBC.
    - Added [Notify command, it allows a staff member to send all players a NotifyGump with a custom message, supports plain text, basic HTML and BBC.
    - Added HueDeeds with standard hues.
    - Added RuneCodex, a special book to replace [Master] Runebooks, charge it up with Gold and build a categorized library of places, by default it stores up to 10,000 locations.
    - HauntedMomento entities will no longer appear when the momento is in the bank, or when the parent mobile is hidden.
    - Added TileButton support to SuperGumps.
    - Added double-click detection for SuperGump buttons, may need to tweak the click interval.
    - Added UOFont for handling standard UO fonts, plans to read font files instead of using hard-coded values.
    - Crash protection added to BBCodeUtility.ParseBBCode method.
    - BBCodeUtility.ParseBBCode method is now an extension of System.String.
    - Grid<T>.Count and Grid<T>.Capacity are no longer virtual.
    - RestrictMobileTiles no longer block staff members.
    - BaseThrowables now provide a property for finding the current user, BaseThrowable.User.
    - ThrowableBomb has been updated and optimized, it now uses the FireExplodeEffect in VitaNex.FX and requires 100.0 throwing skill.
    - Added ThrowableHealBomb, ThrowableManaBomb and ThrowableCureBomb that function like the ThrowableBomb, but have beneficial affects.
    - Setting the StrobeLantern.HueCycleDelay property will now update the timers' interval if it is running.
    - Added new size computation extension methods to StringExtUtility, they measure strings based on UOFont data.
    - Added new interpolation extension method to ColorExtUtility, allows smooth interpolation between color values.
    - Added Mobile extension methods to support new NotifyGump and NotifyCommand features to MobileExtUtility.
    - Added comments to CollectionExtUtility methods.
    - Added crash protection to CollectionExtUtility iteration methods, collections can be manipulated by the action without causing "out of range", or "collection modified" exceptions.
    - Fixed an issue with Z-axis detection in RangeExtUtility.InRange3D extension method.
    - MobileExtUtility.GetNotorietyColor extension method will now return named colors instead of vague hexidecimal colors.
    - MobileExtUtility.InCombat extension method no longer uses SpellHelper.CheckCombat as it is unreliable in some contexts, it now uses an overridable default value of 5 seconds.
    - GeometryExtUtility.MapPoint is now a struct, as a class it was vulnerable to having its' values changed globally in some contexts.
    - GeometryExtUtility extension methods that calculate travel time between two points now has better accuracy, but it's still not perfect.
    - Added default incremental values for all properties defined in AttributesExtUtility.
    - AttributesExtUtility.HasAttribute extension method will now include negative value properties.
    - Added various attribute support detection extension methods to AttributesExtUtility.


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