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Project change logs were posted here.

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« on: January 27, 2014, 12:57:28 PM »
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  • + This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
    + A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

    - Fixed file name typo in Schedules service.
    - Fixed an issue with the SuperGump double click detection.
    - Added OnClick and OnDoubleClick methods to SuperGumps.
    - Rune Codex Gump support double click action for category selection and recalling.
    - Reduced the SuperGump instance poll timer delay down to 10ms to increase accuracy for gumps that use fast (auto-) refresh rates.
    - Added a 'before send' handler argument to the Mobile SendNotification extension method to allow the notify gump to be modified before it is sent.
    - Refactored RangeExtUtility ZipRange to ScanRange.
    - Moved various extension methods to relevant files and classes.
    - Added Parallel Tasks support to Clilocs for loading files.
    - Added Parallel Tasks support for SuperGumps that have lots of input entries.
    - Added Parallel Tasks support for BaseEffects to speed up the Point3D caching algorithm.
    - Added support for Int64 'Ticks' to TimeStamp construction.
    - Added support for DateTimeKind to TimeStamp to differentiate between UTC and non-UTC instances.
    - Added Block3D, a geometric struct representing a box on a single point by giving it height.
    - Block3D allows for more precise intersection calculations when used in a component matrix such as multis.
    - Added Wireframe, a geomtric struct representing a collection of Block3D values that make up a virtual 3D frame.
    - Added DynamicWireframe, akin to Wireframe, but can be edited after creation.
    - Added Shape3D object, a derivitive of DynamicWireframe.
    - Added Cube3D, Cylendar3D, Disc3D, Plane3D, Ring3D and Sphere3D as pre-defined derivitives of Shape3D.
    - Added extension methods for BaseMulti to allow easy cache-supported fetch of Wireframes and MultiComponentLists with optional itemID overrides.
    - The MapPoint implementation has been revised to increase integrity and ensure it behaves as expected, it is now a class, not a struct.
    - The Coords implementation has been revised to increase integrity and ensure it behaves as expected, it is now a class, not a struct.
    - Added extension method RemoveRange for generic List<T> in CollectionExtUtility.
    - Added extension methods RemoveKeyRange and RemoveValueRange for generic IDictionary<TKey, TVal> in CollectionExtUtility.
    - Added extension method overloads for 'ForRange' for IEnumerable<T> and IDictionary<TKey, TVal> in CollectionExtUtility.
    - Added extension method 'HasWater' for Map in MapExtUtility.
    - Renamed class 'GeometryExtUtility' to 'GeoExtUtility', and file name from 'GeometryExt' to 'GeoExt', since it contains geometry and geography based functions.
    - Added extension method overloads for 'GetAverageZ' for Map in GeoExtUtility, they use static tiles to help resolve coast-line issues.
    - Added foundation of SuperCrafts framework.
    - Added SuperCraftSystem and additional associated objects.
    - Added Pyrotechnics crafting, pyrotechnics tool kit and some simple fireworks.
    - Added more generic static construction methods to PollTimer.
    - Added IndependentLanguagePack.
    - Changed chance algorithm for LuckyDipTicket.
    - Promoted Crypto to CoreService and moved to Services directory.
    - Added UpdateService for version resolving.
    - Added HttpService for sending Http requests.
    - Added RootDirectory property to VitaNexCore class.
    - Removed INIT file from project root, replaced with VNC.cfg
    - Added VNC.cfg file parsing support.
    - Added VNC.cfg property handling framework.
    - Updated file headers.
    - Created new directory 'Geometry'
    - Created new directory 'Geography'
    - Created new directory 'Items/Tools'
    - Created new directory 'Items/Fireworks'

    + There may be other updates not listed here.


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