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Vita-Nex: Core

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« on: November 12, 2014, 01:39:53 AM »
+ This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
+ A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

- CFG file typo fix.
- Major memory leak fixes.
- Added overload for the SuperGump.Send instance method that supports type generic cast for the return value.
- Added extension method overloads for GeoExtUtility Lerp2D/3D that accept raw X,Y,Z values.
- Added BeginTarget extension method to MobileExtUtility to allow simple target handling.
- Added TypeEquals extension method to ObjectExtUtility to allow simple Type equality comparisons.
- Fixed callback issue with SkillSelectionGump.
- Added CommandUtility RegisterAlias method for simple registering of aliases for existing commands.
- Additional Type equality logic and overload for the TypeSelectProperty CheckType method.
- NotifyGump now uses the DefaultPauseDuration as it was intended when first implemented.
- Removed redundant addition of Cancel button in ListGump<T> menu options.
- Added GetLastKiller and HasItems extension methods to MobileExtUtility.
- Added NotorietyExtUtility for Notoriety.
- Added CreatureExtUtility for BaseCreature.
- Added SpellExtUtility for Spells.
- Added AccountExtUtility for Accounts.
- Added ContainerExtUtility for Containers.
- Added LayerExtUtility for Layers.
- Added NotorietyExtUtility for Notoriety.
- Added NumericExtUtility for numbers.
- SpellUtility now allows you to fetch SpellInfo for a spell type with the GetSpellInfo methods.
- Added more overload combinations for the WrapUOHtmlColor method in StringExtUtility.
- LCDLines enum now implements byte instead of short.
- Added SpellTypeSelectProperty.
- Added SetAll extension method overrides to CollectionExtUtility.
- Added AddOrReplace extension method for IDictionary<TKey, TVal> and List<T> to CollectionExtUtility.
- Renamed and re-purposed a CompareNull<T> extension method to CheckNull<T> in ObjExtUtility.
- Added new throwable furniture items.
- Added AdvancedVendor and simple stock management logic.
- Added GhostMulti item capable of projecting holograms of any MultiID.
- Added GC command to allow staff to force a full Garbage Collection of memory.
- Added ExportPoint2D/3D command to compliment the ExportBounds2D/3D commands.
- UOFont character spacing is now 2 pixels.
- BBCodeUtility now supports image-to-link parsing.
- Deleted the SandBox service and all sandbox test scenarios.
- Added MySQL ODBC 5.3 driver support.
- Added ability to force unique player names to Player Name Register service.

- Added Modules (Disabled by default)
* Anti-Adverts
* Auto Donate
* Auto PvP
* Deceit Braziers
* Equipment Sets
* Spell Cast Bars
* Toolbar
* Voting
* WebStats
* World Chat


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