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Title: Ultima Online Phoenix is Ready to Begin!
Post by: Abracadabra2.0 on December 13, 2016, 01:14:49 AM
We are nearly finished with our beta testing and are ready to kick things off. Don't miss your chance to stake a claim early and get the best housing locations while the server is still young. We already have a few pioneers who have established themselves and are enjoying the shard.

Things to expect when starting on our server:

225 Stat Cap (Stat ball provided)
700 Skill Cap
5 Characters, 2 Accounts, 1 house per account.
Pre-AOS server operating on an LBR expansion.
PVP is welcome, but is restricted to Buccaneer's Den, Guilds and Factions only. Felucca and T2A maps are currently utilized.
Custom quests and buyables make it enticing to want to visit Buc's Den. Are you brave enough?
Two new custom made dungeons have yet to be discovered and are waiting to be explored! Will you be the first to find one?
Crafting has been expanded to include complex items requiring multiple components.
Begging has been expanded.
Paragons spawn everywhere. This adds an element of danger to even ordinary spawn.
New player dungeon has been spawned to help players get started.
Donation items are available at the Sweet Dreams Inn in Britain.
A mail system has been added to send messages and items to other players.
Lots of custom items are available for gold purchase.
No pay for play donation items, ever!
World chat channel has been established (;w text)
Vitanex system has been installed. Look for this to be incorporated in future custom content.

Coming soon:

Custom champ spawn for 1-2 players.
Town Invasions - currently turned off to allow the players to get established.
Clay crafting - completely revamped and unlike anything else you've seen. Make unfinished clay items that you then must fire in your kiln.
Painting (craft) - completely custom craft allowing players to create pictures or portraits of things they see in game.
Tons of new monsters!
Lots of new tamables!
A massive amount of new quests!
Even more craftables!
New players! (ehem, that means you! What are you waiting for?!)

Download the client and anything else you need there.
Point razor at Port 2593 and let's play!