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Announcements / Vita-Nex: Core Released!
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:25:40 PM »
Vita-Nex: Core has been updated to version!

Click here to get the latest version!

Discussions, Support and Service/Module releases can be found on the ServUO forums.

This version requires RunUO 2.7 or ServUO 55

Change Log Archive /
« on: November 12, 2014, 01:39:53 AM »
+ This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
+ A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

- CFG file typo fix.
- Major memory leak fixes.
- Added overload for the SuperGump.Send instance method that supports type generic cast for the return value.
- Added extension method overloads for GeoExtUtility Lerp2D/3D that accept raw X,Y,Z values.
- Added BeginTarget extension method to MobileExtUtility to allow simple target handling.
- Added TypeEquals extension method to ObjectExtUtility to allow simple Type equality comparisons.
- Fixed callback issue with SkillSelectionGump.
- Added CommandUtility RegisterAlias method for simple registering of aliases for existing commands.
- Additional Type equality logic and overload for the TypeSelectProperty CheckType method.
- NotifyGump now uses the DefaultPauseDuration as it was intended when first implemented.
- Removed redundant addition of Cancel button in ListGump<T> menu options.
- Added GetLastKiller and HasItems extension methods to MobileExtUtility.
- Added NotorietyExtUtility for Notoriety.
- Added CreatureExtUtility for BaseCreature.
- Added SpellExtUtility for Spells.
- Added AccountExtUtility for Accounts.
- Added ContainerExtUtility for Containers.
- Added LayerExtUtility for Layers.
- Added NotorietyExtUtility for Notoriety.
- Added NumericExtUtility for numbers.
- SpellUtility now allows you to fetch SpellInfo for a spell type with the GetSpellInfo methods.
- Added more overload combinations for the WrapUOHtmlColor method in StringExtUtility.
- LCDLines enum now implements byte instead of short.
- Added SpellTypeSelectProperty.
- Added SetAll extension method overrides to CollectionExtUtility.
- Added AddOrReplace extension method for IDictionary<TKey, TVal> and List<T> to CollectionExtUtility.
- Renamed and re-purposed a CompareNull<T> extension method to CheckNull<T> in ObjExtUtility.
- Added new throwable furniture items.
- Added AdvancedVendor and simple stock management logic.
- Added GhostMulti item capable of projecting holograms of any MultiID.
- Added GC command to allow staff to force a full Garbage Collection of memory.
- Added ExportPoint2D/3D command to compliment the ExportBounds2D/3D commands.
- UOFont character spacing is now 2 pixels.
- BBCodeUtility now supports image-to-link parsing.
- Deleted the SandBox service and all sandbox test scenarios.
- Added MySQL ODBC 5.3 driver support.
- Added ability to force unique player names to Player Name Register service.

- Added Modules (Disabled by default)
* Anti-Adverts
* Auto Donate
* Auto PvP
* Deceit Braziers
* Equipment Sets
* Spell Cast Bars
* Toolbar
* Voting
* WebStats
* World Chat

Shard Advertising / Vita-Nex: Freedom
« on: November 11, 2014, 10:07:52 PM »
Vita-Nex: Freedom
Connect with Razor or Steam: 2593

Explore a unique, diverse world filled with immersive, balanced content.

From the smallest isle of Felucca, to the largest caldera of Ter Mur, each zone offers a unique experience.

We take time to assess balance in our world, however, nothing is truly easy or hard...

Our advanced boss AI allows us to deliver a more unique and tactical experience.

You can stand your ground and fight your enemies, or you can declare immunity by disabling Felucca Rules for your character.

Enabling Felucca Rules will allow you to obtain more bonuses from the world; you are rewarded for your risk!

Even with immunity, you are not safe from the bounty hunters of the world; pay the right price and you will have your justice, or revenge!

Our team consists of a few of the most talented people in the Ultima Online free-shard community.

With absolute freedom of creativity, our team is capable of anything that they set their mind to!

Creativity is not just limited to our team, there are players who openly contribute amazing content to the shard.

Our professional, dedicated server is stable and reliable, with a fast connection located on prime DNS network real-estate in the USA.

We invest in high-end hardware and software to ensure consistency in our world.

Our web services use the CloudFlare network to help manage traffic based on your location.

Enter the arena, it is time to test your mettle in the PvP Battlegrounds!

Join the battle of your choice - Free for All, Team vs Team or Capture the Flag - and prepare to fight!

Battlegrounds feature no-death combat rules, you risk honor for reward in these bloody arenas.

Our unique Gold Shop in Britain offers a wide variety of gear, decorations and more.

If you have spare gold coins and want lavish possessions, this is the place to shop!

The cemeteries of the world come under siege by the hallowed undead at our annual Halloween holiday event.

Featuring spooky decorations, pumpkin carving and the wrath of the hallowed undead, Halloween gives us all an opportunity to enjoy this traditional past-time.

Not long after, winter comes and the wrath of the hallowed undead passes as they retreat until next year.

It is then up to you to defend the tradition of Winterfest, as various grotto's around the world make home to evil creatures.

Featuring seasonal decorations, candy and other traditional goodies, Winterfest offers respite for those who enjoy celebrating this magical time of year!

Using our Hue Center, you can color your gear to match your style, whether you have a sense of style or not!

You have the ability to combine over 2,000 unique colors, for a small fee of course.

You can dye gear, pets, decorations of all kinds - if you can't dye something, we'll do it for you, for a small fee, of course.

« on: June 05, 2014, 04:09:56 PM »
I have released a new SMF modification that adds new BBC tags to your SMF forum to support Mark's UO.CX API.

It supports SMF version 2.0.0+

This API is awesome, it should be utilized :)

You can Download it here.
Use your SMF forum Package Manager to install it.


Vita-Nex: Core
"Vita-Nex: Core"

Ultima Online (MMORPG)

This mod allows you to write various BBC tags to interact with the Ultima Online (UO.CX) API for displaying images and/or information about the game's assets.



Optional Parameters: id=0, hue=0, width=0, height=0, alt=""

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
	[uogump id=5504][/uogump]

Code: [Select]
	[uogump hue=85]5504[/uogump]

Code: [Select]
	[uogump id=5504 hue=85][/uogump]

Code: [Select]
	[uogump id=5504 hue=85 width=100 height=100][/uogump]


Optional Parameters: id=0, hue=0, width=0, height=0, alt=""

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
	[uoitem id=7939][/uoitem]

Code: [Select]
	[uoitem hue=85]7939[/uoitem]

Code: [Select]
	[uoitem id=7939 hue=85][/uoitem]

Code: [Select]
	[uoitem id=7939 hue=85 width=100 height=100][/uoitem]


Optional Parameters: id=0, hue=0, width=0, height=0, alt=""

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
	[uoland id=420][/uoland]

Code: [Select]
	[uoland hue=85]420[/uoland]

Code: [Select]
	[uoland id=420 hue=85][/uoland]

Code: [Select]
	[uoland id=420 hue=85 width=100 height=100][/uoland]


Optional Parameters: id=0, hue=0, width=0, height=0, alt=""

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
	[uomulti id=24][/uomulti]

Code: [Select]
	[uomulti hue=85]24[/uomulti]

Code: [Select]
	[uomulti id=24 hue=85][/uomulti]

Code: [Select]
	[uomulti id=24 hue=85 width=100 height=100][/uomulti]

Change Log Archive /
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:30:32 AM »
- Added compatibility for NEWPARENT and NEWTIMERS pre-processor directives, always look to the future! (RunUO 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 compatibility)
- Added Parallel Linq support to NotifyCommand.
- NotifyCommand will now display the time of the message before the name of the sender.
- Added time zone name support to ChronExtUtility.ToSimpleString format using tokens 'Z' and 'z' for optional DST correction.
- Optimized some implementations of event subscriptions in SuperGumps.
- Optimized SuperGumps initialization and gump registration functions.
- Improved exception safety for UpdateService functions.
- SkillBuffInfo now instantiates the skill that the mod is intended for.
- SkillSelectionGump now supports Accept/Cancel handlers.
- SkillSelectionGump namespace moved to VitaNex.SuperGumps.UI.
- SkillCodex gump refactored arguments to match SkillSelectionGump parameters.
- Added CryptoHashCode extension methods for GenericWriter and GenericReader.
- Added Get* method overloads with generic type support to PropertyCache and FieldCache.
- Added PacketExtUtility with initial support for packet value rewriting.
- Added ArtworkSupport service, which allows the dynamic re-writing of WorldItem packets to switch out one ItemID for another.
- Implemented ArtworkSupportAttribute on PyrotechnicsKit.
- Added GetCustomAttributes extension method with generic type support to TypeExtUtility.
- Added covariant support to ODBCVersion strings for descriptive driver versions in later MySQL builds.
- Extracted method for connection string generation to MySQL class.
- Added VitaNex.Text.EncodingUtility and VitaNex.Text.EncodingType, the enum can be used for custom properties, etc.
- The IOExtUtility.AppendText method will now actually append text.
- Added more CollectionExtUtility.SetAll extension method overloads.
- Added generic type overload for CollectionExtUtility.GetRandom extension method with default return value argument.
- Added CollectionExtUtility.InBounds extension methods to determine whether the given index is in bounds.
- MapPoint.MoveToWorld methods now check Zero as well as Internal.
- Added SeveredHead, a non-transferable head item that decays naturally without being moved.
- Moved the decapitation feature of the ThrowableAxe to SeveredHead.
- Added Lerp (linear interpolation) extension methods for IPoint2D and IPoint3D in GeoExtUtility.
- Added ObjectExtUtility.
- Added CompareNull extension method to ObjectExtUtility to shorten comparer impl syntax where needed.
- Changed the ID used by the Modal overlay feature in SuperGumps to 2624 (pure black background), this removes the grainy effect.
- Fixed an issue with MySQL disposing disconnected connections causing enumeration crash.

Change Log Archive /
« on: January 27, 2014, 12:57:28 PM »
+ This version may contain significant breaking changes; mainly the renaming, addition or removal of files and classes.
+ A fresh install of VNc is recommended.

- Fixed file name typo in Schedules service.
- Fixed an issue with the SuperGump double click detection.
- Added OnClick and OnDoubleClick methods to SuperGumps.
- Rune Codex Gump support double click action for category selection and recalling.
- Reduced the SuperGump instance poll timer delay down to 10ms to increase accuracy for gumps that use fast (auto-) refresh rates.
- Added a 'before send' handler argument to the Mobile SendNotification extension method to allow the notify gump to be modified before it is sent.
- Refactored RangeExtUtility ZipRange to ScanRange.
- Moved various extension methods to relevant files and classes.
- Added Parallel Tasks support to Clilocs for loading files.
- Added Parallel Tasks support for SuperGumps that have lots of input entries.
- Added Parallel Tasks support for BaseEffects to speed up the Point3D caching algorithm.
- Added support for Int64 'Ticks' to TimeStamp construction.
- Added support for DateTimeKind to TimeStamp to differentiate between UTC and non-UTC instances.
- Added Block3D, a geometric struct representing a box on a single point by giving it height.
- Block3D allows for more precise intersection calculations when used in a component matrix such as multis.
- Added Wireframe, a geomtric struct representing a collection of Block3D values that make up a virtual 3D frame.
- Added DynamicWireframe, akin to Wireframe, but can be edited after creation.
- Added Shape3D object, a derivitive of DynamicWireframe.
- Added Cube3D, Cylendar3D, Disc3D, Plane3D, Ring3D and Sphere3D as pre-defined derivitives of Shape3D.
- Added extension methods for BaseMulti to allow easy cache-supported fetch of Wireframes and MultiComponentLists with optional itemID overrides.
- The MapPoint implementation has been revised to increase integrity and ensure it behaves as expected, it is now a class, not a struct.
- The Coords implementation has been revised to increase integrity and ensure it behaves as expected, it is now a class, not a struct.
- Added extension method RemoveRange for generic List<T> in CollectionExtUtility.
- Added extension methods RemoveKeyRange and RemoveValueRange for generic IDictionary<TKey, TVal> in CollectionExtUtility.
- Added extension method overloads for 'ForRange' for IEnumerable<T> and IDictionary<TKey, TVal> in CollectionExtUtility.
- Added extension method 'HasWater' for Map in MapExtUtility.
- Renamed class 'GeometryExtUtility' to 'GeoExtUtility', and file name from 'GeometryExt' to 'GeoExt', since it contains geometry and geography based functions.
- Added extension method overloads for 'GetAverageZ' for Map in GeoExtUtility, they use static tiles to help resolve coast-line issues.
- Added foundation of SuperCrafts framework.
- Added SuperCraftSystem and additional associated objects.
- Added Pyrotechnics crafting, pyrotechnics tool kit and some simple fireworks.
- Added more generic static construction methods to PollTimer.
- Added IndependentLanguagePack.
- Changed chance algorithm for LuckyDipTicket.
- Promoted Crypto to CoreService and moved to Services directory.
- Added UpdateService for version resolving.
- Added HttpService for sending Http requests.
- Added RootDirectory property to VitaNexCore class.
- Removed INIT file from project root, replaced with VNC.cfg
- Added VNC.cfg file parsing support.
- Added VNC.cfg property handling framework.
- Updated file headers.
- Created new directory 'Geometry'
- Created new directory 'Geography'
- Created new directory 'Items/Tools'
- Created new directory 'Items/Fireworks'

+ There may be other updates not listed here.

Misc / Links, Icons and Banners
« on: September 13, 2013, 11:12:09 AM »
If you would like to link-back to Vita-Nex: Core, you have a variety of banners and icons available.

You can see the entire list and get source code here:,hotlinks.html

Change Log Archive /
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:49:04 AM »
- Prevented bug in SuperGumps where default X/Y properties do not get set when running on Mono.

Change Log Archive /
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:41:39 AM »
- Removed created/edited dates from file headers to prevent future merge conflictions.
- Removed all redundant references to named property 'recompile' for SuperGump.Refresh method.
- Removed redundant GumpUtility class, useful code has been moved or reimplemented.
- SuperGumps will now correctly distinguish buttons for GumpButtonTypes Reply and Page.
- SuperGumps instance polling will not poll the gump instance by default, it will detect when to start and stop the timer, or it can be forced to start and stop.
- SuperGump.InnerSize property renamed to SuperGump.OuterSize as it represents the maimum bounds of a gump and its' elements.
- SuperGumps provided by SuperGumps.UI now have plain black backgrounds to increase readability.
- Added support to SuperGumps for the new Gump.AddItemProperty method (RunUO 2.3 r1072), if RunUO doesn't support it, the SuperGump simply won't use it.
- Added support to SuperGumps for Movement detection and overriding.
- Changed HueSelector gump default icon to something more fitting.
- Compensated for an issue that prevented the last columns and rows from being displayed in HueSelector gump.
- MenuGump width detection is now based on the new UOFont feature.
- Added NotifyGump, this animated gump roughly emulates features such as eNotify for websites, supports plain text, basic HTML and BBC.
- Added [Notify command, it allows a staff member to send all players a NotifyGump with a custom message, supports plain text, basic HTML and BBC.
- Added HueDeeds with standard hues.
- Added RuneCodex, a special book to replace [Master] Runebooks, charge it up with Gold and build a categorized library of places, by default it stores up to 10,000 locations.
- HauntedMomento entities will no longer appear when the momento is in the bank, or when the parent mobile is hidden.
- Added TileButton support to SuperGumps.
- Added double-click detection for SuperGump buttons, may need to tweak the click interval.
- Added UOFont for handling standard UO fonts, plans to read font files instead of using hard-coded values.
- Crash protection added to BBCodeUtility.ParseBBCode method.
- BBCodeUtility.ParseBBCode method is now an extension of System.String.
- Grid<T>.Count and Grid<T>.Capacity are no longer virtual.
- RestrictMobileTiles no longer block staff members.
- BaseThrowables now provide a property for finding the current user, BaseThrowable.User.
- ThrowableBomb has been updated and optimized, it now uses the FireExplodeEffect in VitaNex.FX and requires 100.0 throwing skill.
- Added ThrowableHealBomb, ThrowableManaBomb and ThrowableCureBomb that function like the ThrowableBomb, but have beneficial affects.
- Setting the StrobeLantern.HueCycleDelay property will now update the timers' interval if it is running.
- Added new size computation extension methods to StringExtUtility, they measure strings based on UOFont data.
- Added new interpolation extension method to ColorExtUtility, allows smooth interpolation between color values.
- Added Mobile extension methods to support new NotifyGump and NotifyCommand features to MobileExtUtility.
- Added comments to CollectionExtUtility methods.
- Added crash protection to CollectionExtUtility iteration methods, collections can be manipulated by the action without causing "out of range", or "collection modified" exceptions.
- Fixed an issue with Z-axis detection in RangeExtUtility.InRange3D extension method.
- MobileExtUtility.GetNotorietyColor extension method will now return named colors instead of vague hexidecimal colors.
- MobileExtUtility.InCombat extension method no longer uses SpellHelper.CheckCombat as it is unreliable in some contexts, it now uses an overridable default value of 5 seconds.
- GeometryExtUtility.MapPoint is now a struct, as a class it was vulnerable to having its' values changed globally in some contexts.
- GeometryExtUtility extension methods that calculate travel time between two points now has better accuracy, but it's still not perfect.
- Added default incremental values for all properties defined in AttributesExtUtility.
- AttributesExtUtility.HasAttribute extension method will now include negative value properties.
- Added various attribute support detection extension methods to AttributesExtUtility.

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